MOMO Thierry Stéphane


Professional artist: guitarist, bassist, percussionist, storyteller, songwriter, performer, member of the SACEM Luxembourg and BBDA


In 1996, Momo met Nicaise Traoré, they do research on traditional African music and create the "Primitive Blue".


From 1999 to 2002 Momo tours with musicians like Krin Solo (France), Eugene Kounker (Burkina Faso), Salif Keita (Mali) etc ...


In December 2002, he left for Europe to deepen his knowledge of international music.


From 2004 to 2008 he played with various groups as Metropolis (Néo-métal) Great minds (Pop-Rock-Blues-Jazz), Mad In H (Funk rock). He performed in various venues and festivals such as Kultur fabrik (Esch/Alzette),le Trinitaire(Metz-France), l’Entrepôt (France), Philharmonie (Luxembourg) Eros tour(Longwy France), 112(Terville-France),Festival Rhalala(Nancy –France), Festival du film italien (villerupt-France), Adagio(Thionville-France)with Shinna Earl Smith, guitarist Bob Marley ...


In 2007 he was selected for a European musical fusion project (jamatodos), led by Mr. Gast Waltzing.


In 2010, he formed with Tche N'diaye the reggae group Patchwork freestyle


Since 2006 he is professor of bass and guitar at the Arts School of Villerupt and the School of Music of Yutz (France).


Momo has to his credit sixty unreleased songs inspired by African rhythms and is cô-author of several musical works.

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